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Chieftain Chieftain

Medium Maturing. Produces high yield of round/oval bright red tubers with shallow to medium eyes and good color after boiling. Resistant to late blight, PVA, and stem end browning. Highly resistant to common scab and tuber net necrosis.




Merida has smooth yellow skin and light yellow flesh, and a nice short oval shape with very shallow eyes. It is early maturing with high disease resistance and long dormancy. Merida has excellent flavor, very uniform grading and a high marketable yield. Culinary qualities include roasting, boiling and steaming.


Oriana 2



Oriana is an early maturing high yield luxury variety with round to oval uniform tuber shape. Higher than standard fertility, medium storage ability. Oriana has excellent skin finish with yellow skin, pale yellow flesh and shallow eye depth.It is an ideal gourmet variety, bakes, mashes, roasts and boils well 




  YukonGold Yukon Gold

Oval slightly flattened tubers with yellow skin and light yellow flesh.  Common yellows are often passed off as Yukon Gold,  but it can be identified by it’s shallow pink eyes. Yukon Gold can grow quite large and stores very well. Excellent taste and extremely good  for baking, boiling, roasting, frying and in casseroles or scallops.