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Commercial Sales


For Commercial farmers we ship either by bulk or in mulox bags, using tarped (belt bottom) trailers and to farther destinations in refrigerated trailers (reefers) ensuring the potatoes are kept at a constant temperature until arrival.
Grading is done directly from the storage facility to the delivery trucks minimizing handling & bruising. This provides our customer with seed that will produce the optimum quality and yield.

Northern Vigor

Our quality seed potatoes are grown from pathogen-free nuclear stock that has been tested and shown virus-free. Nurtured under the ideal Northern Vigor location, our tubers  produce a significantly more vigorous and healthy product . Northern vigor is brought on by extended hours of daylight and moderate temperatures guaranteeing a maximum yield in its next planting. All our seed is certified to Agriculture Canada’s highest standards.


Pricing & shipping costs are dependent upon the variety chosen, amount ordered and distance shipped.

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