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                                                                                                                                                                       Harris Barn Raising ~ 2012



Sister and brother team, Valerie & Trevor are the current owners, but the Harris family roots go deep – five generations into potato producing. The old Harris Barn was recently removed and restored by the Corporation of Delta. It is now a town centerpiece used for meetings and celebrations.This history combined with their successful management, using today’s modern & ever changing technology, have established the Harris family as leaders in quality seed potato production. With over 250 acres of seed potatoes to plant each year both Valerie & Trevor not only work tirelessly on the farm but are involved in various agriculture related organizations. They are great promoters of our ‘eat local’ ethic and support the Ag in the Classroom initiative which shows the next generation the importance of sustainable farming.

The end of each harvest is celebrated with our annual ‘Chip n Sip’ and every variety that we grow is French Fried up for all to taste and compare…..they’re all good!


   Harris Barn~Now